Handicap Lifts: How Far We’ve Come

For centuries, wheelchair users had to rely on manual labor to get around. But then something revolutionary happened—wheelchair lifts changed the game forever! Let’s take a look at how far we’ve come in terms of handicap lift technology and why it is so important for people with disabilities.

The first accessible vehicle lift was invented by C.H. Brown of Detroit, Michigan, in 1936. The lift could be manually operated with a crank and lever system, allowing users to raise and lower their wheelchairs with ease. This invention revolutionized the way people with disabilities were able to get around, offering them more independence than ever before.

Since then, wheelchair lifts have come a long way. Today’s lifts are powered by motors and can be operated remotely or even automatically via sensors and buttons. These advanced systems make it easier than ever for wheelchair users to access vehicles without having to rely on manual labor or assistance from other people. They also offer increased safety features such as anti-slip surfaces, adjustable arms, and safety locks that prevent unintended movement of the lift platform when not in use.

3 Reasons Why a Wheelchair Lift Can Make Your Life Easier

Eliminates Mobility Barriers

A wheelchair lift eliminates mobility barriers that may exist in your space, such as stairs or porches. This makes it easier to move from one floor to another, ensuring that all areas of your home or business are accessible. The lift also includes a range of features and accessories, so you can customize the machine to meet your specific needs.

Reduces Risk of Injury

Using a wheelchair lift reduces the risk of injury while navigating stairs or other obstacles. Instead of carrying yourself manually or down the stairs, you can simply ride up and down with ease, ensuring that both yourself and the people around you remain safe and secure. In addition, the lifting machine also comes equipped with safety sensors that stop operation when an obstacle is detected on its pathway, making it even safer for use.

Easy Installation

Installing a wheelchair lift is relatively easy compared to other mobility solutions. It only requires minimal building works as well as basic electrical wiring, which allows you to quickly get set up without having to worry about any major changes or modifications being made in your space. Furthermore, these machines are also relatively affordable compared to other mobility solutions, so they’re great for those on a budget who still want an effective solution for their needs.


Wheelchair lifts have come a long way since they were first invented over 80 years ago! From manual cranks and levers to motorized remote control systems that can be operated automatically, these devices have revolutionized how people with disabilities can get around independently while also providing increased safety features that give peace of mind when using them. Not only that, but laws like the ADA ensure that those who need assistance getting around due to disability can do so without worry or hassle, thanks to required accommodations, including wheelchair lifts, wherever necessary! All in all, this makes life much easier for people living with physical disabilities today!