How Do I Search on Youku for the feeling that lingers in the air?

This TV show is virtually a breath of recent air. I especially like the slower, yet eventful, pace. Jom is a type of making it through his new day lifestyle, however, that is handiest the surface. He still misses home a lot and is inconsolable. I’m satisfied the authors no longer ignore that. And that he’s now drawing near Kai, who is already captivated via Jom.

Khun Yai turns enthralled by Jom and moves slowly to approach him. Due to the reality that it ends a specific chapter in Jom’s existence, their chat at the bridge became crucial to the story’s development. After they circulate collectively, I’m curious to peer what turns into them see full cast & crew I feel linger in the air on the Youku Website.

Using the Youku Mobile App

There’s no doubt that the subsequent is a radical step-by-step clarification on a way to look for the series “I Sense Linger in the Air” on Youku:

Install and Open the Youku App

In case you do not already have the Youku app for your phone, you may download it from the app shop to your device. Once the app is configured, launch it.

Log In

Log in to your Youku account if requested. You may need to be logged in to access some Youku content.

Access the Search Function

The Youku app has a search feature that you can find. This is typically indicated by a magnifying glass symbol that can be found at the top or in another noticeable location on the app’s user interface.

Enter the Series Title

You may search for the series “I Feel Linger in the Air” by tapping the search bar and typing its name.

Start the Search

To begin the search after inputting the series title, touch the “Search” button (typically displayed as a magnifying glass icon on the keyboard) on your mobile device.

Review the Search Results

Your query-related search results will be shown on Youku. Find the series “I Feel Linger in the Air” by scrolling through the search results. The search results ought to show the name of the series.

Select the Series:

Click or tap “I Feel Linger in the Air” to go to a page just for that series. You can learn more about the show here, along with its cast, available episodes, and a synopsis of its story.

Start Watching

If the series is streamable on Youku, you can begin watching it by choosing the particular episode you want to see. Relying on the content material and accessibility, you are probably capable of picking out among looking in the original language or with English subtitles.

Using the Youku Website (Desktop)

  • Open the web browser of your desire on your PC.
  • Enter “www.Youku.Com” into the address bar of your internet browser, then hit “input” to get to the reputable Youku website.
  • Log into your Youku account if asked to accomplish that. Youku may also ask which you log in that allows you to access positive content.
  • On the Youku internet site, locate the search field. Typically, its miles at the pinnacle of the page.
  • The collection’s name is “I Feel Linger in the Air,” so click on it in the seek bar and kind that during.
  • To begin the quest after inputting the series name, click on the “search” button (usually symbolized using a magnifying glass icon) in the search box.
  • Your query-associated seek results can be proven on Youku. Discover the collection “I Feel Linger in the Air” using scrolling through the hunt outcomes. The quest consequences ought to show the name of the series.
  • The “I Feel Linger in the Air” series’ committed web page can be accessed by clicking on the collection’ name. Greater information about the show, together with a plot synopsis, and the solid, and the to-be-had episodes, need to be had right here.
  • If the series is stream able on Youku, you could start looking at it using choosing the specific episode you need to see. Relying on the content material and accessibility, you might be able to pick between looking in the authentic language or with English subtitles.


It is essential to understand that licensing arrangements and other circumstances can cause the content material’s availability on Youku to differ through the years. It’s essential to check the official Youku website or app for the most recent statistics on content availability in your vicinity if you are interested in viewing unique content material on Youku from out of the doors of Mainland China.